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Taking up the challenge.

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Mar. 18th, 2006 | 10:41 pm
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posted by: calann in unlazypoets


This would be my first post on here. Sad that the place is still very much tiny. I hope it'll grow.
Anyways. I've always written freeverse, mainly because a) no one taught me at school anything about different forms, in English anyway, b) I felt that trying to capture my words into a certain metre or form would take away from the natural flow of my writing and c) there might have been something else, too. But I guess it just required some confidence in my work on my part, and now that I have that, I'm ready to take on new aspects of poetry.

Although I suspect that the majority of my poems will still be written in freeverse.

But, now that I've said 'hi' in a longish and roundabout way, I'll be getting to the other point of this post. My second ever poem written in something other than freeverse, a dabble in rhyming couplets. I think I actually spent more time on this than any other poem of mine.
And yes, you can trust that I'm completely aware of the words 'heritage' and 'sage' not rhyming. Let's call it an intentional deviation, shall we? (Truth is, I couldn't figure out anything that would rhyme with the former, but I didn't want to forsake the idea I had. So, there it stays.) Mind you, this was somewhat bold of me, since I've held the notion that I can't rhyme to save my life. But here we go.

Sing, chant low unto me
the ancient verses that are to be

unite our souls, our minds
so that this bond we share refuge finds

We once have been made keepers
of promises, of still sleepers

the destiny of my people, my heritage
daughter of Odin meant to become a sage

To heal, to mend wounds of old
I must be the one to remember the stories told

and lo, I have seen everything
on my long journeys, vagabond wandering

Soft tresses of raven hair
frame this pale face fair

with eyes surrounded by wrinkles etched deep
that many a time did weep

Come with me, step to the unknown
where many a future shall be shown

and so in the symphony halls of life
my words linger, they shall thrive

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from: kiddalee
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