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The Unlazy Poets' Club

The Unlazy Poets Club
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So you go fishing around for poetic communities and what do you find? A large amout of specialty communities which only allow one form, or general poetry communites that are meant for all forms but only seem to contain free form. That is what the Unlazy Poets Club is meant to rectify.

This community is geared for poets of all poetic forms, rather than being limited to one type of meter or form. However, free form prose is not permitted. Almost everywhere you go to find poetry, it is full of much more free form or prose than set formats. This community recognizes that free form poetry is a legitimate art form. However, as there are enough places chock full of free form poetry, this community is specifically geared not to include any. Interested? Go ahead and join! Poets of any level of experience may post here.

Oh, and one more thing just to keep it clear. We are NOT an elitist community or a rating community. We don't hate freeform, we just want to see something besides that.

Functions Of This Community:
  1. To inspire all to write poetry!
  2. To showcase your original poetry.
  3. To showcase all forms of poetry.
  4. To give constructive criticism or advice as comments.
  5. To help members/viewers learn about different poetry forms.
  6. To help members/viewers improve their own skill in poetry.

  1. Legitimate forms can be anything from your own creation of rhyme and meter, to a sonnet, to a haiku.
  2. Relevant entries only! These may include: poetry that follows a legitimate form, links to interesting poems written by others, links to websites that are meant to assist a writer in their poetry...
  3. Any poem that does not follow a poetic form will be deleted. I'll give you a week's warning to defend it. Therefore...
  4. If the form of a poem is not obvious, its name MUST be included in the entry or risk deletion.
  5. No flaming.
  6. All poetry must be your original work, by you. If you'd like to showcase a poem written by someone else, find it on the web and link to it.

  1. Please contribute.
  2. Unless you have some poetic reason for spelling things in a different way, try to spell properly. The same goes for 1337 or webspeak.
  3. There is no room for swearing every second word. This isn't high school, folks. You should be able to express yourself with some real vocabulary. If you really think you need to swear, it had better be necessary.
  4. If you know the name of your poem's form, please include it somewhere in the entry.